The picture is of a child whose fetal development was misdirected by exposure to a Monsanto chemical teratogen, dioxin. The child, however sees better than most Americans.

Monsanto, an All American corporation and I mean they, by god, fart a red, white and blue noxious gas, have deformed children for near a century while patriotic Americans have rested on their imaginary laurels. Americans, known to be oblivious and somewhat stupid as a people and indifferent have allowed their lobbylegislator Senators and Congressmen to be corporate poo poo toys almost forever.

Monsanto and dioxin and a birth defect? Hmmm. Try Monsanto, beginning in fucking 1901, producing year after year, one more god damn carcinogen after another and denying the harm of each every time. DDT, PCBs, Dioxin, Agent Orange, Aspartame have caused irreparable harm to human life in the form of incurable disease and generations of crippling birth defects. And lest you forget, the entire time Monsanto, the manufacturer adamantly claimed they were harmless. DDT could have destroyed entire ecosystems, agent orange is still causing birth defects fifty years later as are all the other chemical curses left to us by Monsanto…….and yes Monsanto’s Roundup, the herbicide advertised by your shitstream media outlet, has now been proven to cause cancer and disrupt human digestion at the cellular level.

Think that’s bad? It hasn’t got bad yet! This shit is out of a 1950’s black and white horror film. Hang on! Guess who just stepped down from the head of the FDA? The now CEO of Monsanto just stepped down from the “leadership” of the eviscerated FDA. Try not to throw up, but before he was at the FDA he was an attorney for Monsanto.

How can things be this bad? Actually, it really, really does get worse. Monsanto has utterly no accountability to ANYONE as concerns the GMOs – genetically modified foods that end up in your food and in your body. Monsanto does not want Americans to know what foods have GMOs in them and they are getting their way.

Study after study shows that GMOs are responsible for the thirty year decline of Americans health, their lifespans, their fertility rates, their increased infant mortality, obesity, allergies, IBS and on and on. Most of Europe has banned GMOs.