By: Miles Maggio, Author, Journalist, Researcher

Time to prepare is now!

-Many Prophetic voices to Christ’s congregations around the world

Is your church funds threatening your church building from folding? God has brought many Holy Spirit-filled prophetic voices into my life to let me in on a little bit knowledge on what God’s concerns are in the modern day. A big one right now involves your very church building.

I say “church building” because it SHOULD be a separate cause from the congregation inside of it. A vast majority of churches are spending 80-90 percent of their income on property, wages, and taxes. These same churches are spending a minimal amount of money on increasing God’s kingdom. These are unfortunate times, and they are about to get much more difficult. Where will your congregation go in such times?

This an example I want to point out. You rarely hear of it though:

The congregation at Deepdale Methodist Church will cease using the building on Deepdale Road from June. But religious leaders say they hope a new redevelopment plan will mean the site can take a new shape – but with religion still playing a crucial part.

Rev Paul Davis, superintendant of the Preston and Ribble Circuit, said: “There are lots of redevelopments in Deepdale at the moment and what we are hoping to do is see if we can be part of that redevelopment.

“The congregation will not be worshipping in the building after June.

“Over the next few weeks we are looking to see if the site can be redeveloped, and maybe there can be a congregation there in the future. That is what we are hoping for.”

The idea of social housing with an adjoining community centre has been raised.

Mr Davis said the sprawling building was becoming difficult to maintain and, as congregation numbers decreased, a fresh idea was needed to help the church keep firm roots in the area.

He said: “The building itself has become a bit too difficult for people to maintain.

“This will allow us to continue to have a worshipping and Christian presence in that part of the city, which is quite crucial.

“It is a part of the city the church hasn’t been very successful in, and we need to look to the future.”

Rev Stephen Poxon, district chair of the Lancashire Methodist District, said: “The church is not just closing, there are plans and hopes for the future.”

Now I don’t know if this congregation operates deeply in the Holy Spirit, but amidst hardships- the congregation is getting back together again.  Some congregations may not like what I am about to say, but it’s important and something that God has verified to me over and over again.

This important message goes like this:

God is calling a vast majority of the churches to repentance for not using Him as a the foundation and guidance. Many churches felt the need to keep building BUILDINGS, and not God’s kingdom. The church is largely, but not fully responsible, for the spiritual and moral decay in our society. But God the Almighty is calling upon each congregation to repentance and then to work deeply in the Holy Spirit to prepare the United States and world for what is to come. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us.

In this time of need, now is the time to start a dialogue with your congregation’s leadership. Show them this article, or pray about the content and what it means to prepare and why. There will be a video coming to fruition soon more about what needs to take place during these times.

Time to prepare is now- May God Bless each and every one of your congregations to fulfillment in Christ Jesus.

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