Prayer of Salvation

God’s love is not based on our goodness or how we perform but rather on who’s we are and we are all God’s children when we accept His son, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for all of us. Receiving the love of Jesus and living in his love everyday, is the first and most essential step in having a love worth giving. Jesus gave His life for you so give your life to Him.

Congratulations! …in the first step of your new journey

You have just taken the first step in your new journey! You have recognized the need for Christ in your life. When you prayed the prayer of salvation, you acknowledged that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died for your sins, and you invited Jesus to join you on your life’s journey.

Here at Winters’ Ministries, we join together with other Christians, who delight in helping you while you learn to walk daily with God. You will also receive 12 short lessons over the course of the next 12 weeks to help you begin to grow in your faith. By filling out the form below you will have access to these resources. Please note: Winter’s Ministries will not give out your information to any third parties.

Congratulations again on taking your first step!

In Christ,
Miles Maggio