One of the ways the ‘Powers That Be’ try to control us is by scaring us; creating terrorism and convincing us that we are under attack.  Their hope is that we will be so afraid of these ‘terrorists’ we will gladly give up our freedoms to them, begging for them to step up and take complete control of our lives.  So far, it seems to be working.  ‘Oh no, terrorists are hijacking planes! Yes, please strip-search me every time I go to the airport, I don’t mind just don’t let them hurt me!’  ‘Wow look at all these school shootings that are happening, we really can’t be trusted with guns! They’re so dangerous, we need to ban them all!’

The mainstream media is good at keeping people scared, and unfortunately so is alternative media.  Even when we try to do good and get honest information out to people, we sometimes help them with their agenda, adding to the fear-mongering.  That’s why it’s important to simply get out useful, important information, without trying to traumatize people.