By Jacob Wildhaber

 Three trails that lead to meekness are suffering, injustice and experience of forgiveness. Suffering helps us on our way by piercing the wrappings of our ego and makes us sensible to others. A way of advancing further down the path is experiencing injustice this infuriates us the most and strikes most closely at our ego. If we are able to overcome this in our hearts and not respond with violence, our heart becomes calm and through reflection and prayer the doors of the kindness of God can be opened and are souls are flooded immediately with peace and wisdom. We come even closer to our goal by experiencing forgiveness for sin creates in us anxiety in us it causes us to doubt ourselves and others. We ask God to forgive us and confess the things we are most ashamed of. We give him our will. In return for this meekness he gives us many graces necessary for a life in Christ.